Why Sopraco ?

1 - An approval granted by the Commission for grading
2 - Certification HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000
Our company is certified Sopraco:

  • HACCP: December 2011
  • ISO 9001: July 2012
  • ISO 22000: July 2012
3 - The performance equipment:
Sopraco has a technology and production materials performents that meet the requirements of modern industry.
4 - high-end products
We feed our constantly marketing strategy to be effective, concrete and coherent. Brands and consumers, this is a story. It is built on listening, complicity and above all trust. To earn your trust, we want to satisfy you with quality products associated with strong brands so that everyone can enjoy our products with confidence.
5 - Competitive PRICE:
Every day during the campaign, our Purchasing a fight. It must be persuasive in negotiating. We seek and always choose the best quality / price ratio. With our quality requirements and our bargaining power, you will find Sopraco unbeatable prices
6 - A Quality Policy:
For food safety and flavor, we continue to seek and innovate our products. Listening to the world market allows us to remain attentive to the news, the needs of our consumers, international standards and finally the new process technologies in our business. Our Research and Development unit aims to meet this challenge.
7 - A process of preparing and making precise
8 - An efficient distribution network